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Flori Roberts is a premium skin care and makeup brand that originates from the United States of America, and has been in existence for more than 50 years. Its makeup and color is best known for its unique, beautiful coverage foundations and face powders. Flori Roberts uses mineral-based and other high quality ingredients – for a long-lasting, silky and smooth finish.

Flori was the first to be developed specifically to address the special skin care needs for women of color, and continues to give women a prestigious, state-of-the-art quality products formulated, and shade selected specifically for that skin tone. Flori has a comprehensive and full shade range of all of makeup categories to ensure every woman of color has the right shade just for her.

Its skin care addresses all the special skin care needs of melanin-rich women. The brand also addresses hypo and hyper pigmentation, under eye aging and offers highly effective and reasonably priced skin care regimes for smooth, soft, bright and clear skin

Flori Roberts also has a featured all-natural skin care regime to brighten and even skin tone and fade discoloration. The Enlighten Skin Perfecting System features emblica, an herbal extract, clinically proven as effective as hydroquinone, without the negative and harsh bleaching side effects. And, as an anti-oxidant, emblica improves the skins’ overall health. The most dramatic skin-care breakthrough ever for melanin-rich skin.

The premium makeup brand of choice for women of color